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Direct Injection Proves Fuel Additives Dont Work

Recently I picked up a 2007 Mini Cooper S (R56) with direct injection. While doing other work on the engine, I decided to remove the intake to have a look at the intake valves. I found exactly what I expected, the valves were covered with performance robbing gunk.

I spent some time cleaning things up and it looks good as new now, but I have a feeling that one day this issue will come back again.

Why did this happen? 2 reasons. The first is direct injection. No fuel will ever make it to the back of the intake valve to clean it. Second, the N14 engine has a horrible PCV system. This means that the intake manifold is getting a constant supply of oily gunk that will eventually coat the intake valves again.

This is the foundation for my argument. If this car had a traditional injection system, the problem probably wouldn't be so bad.

I have other theories and explanations in the video. Please watch it, rate it kindly, and subscribe.

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