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It used to be easy to determine whether you had a coolant leak. Those were the days when just about all coolant was fluorescent green. Those days are gone. Now coolant comes in a variety of colors, including green, orange, red, blue, yellow and more. This makes identifying coolant leaks much more difficult. There is hope, however. If you suspect a coolant leak, there is an easy test to help you find it.

antifreeze leak

One quick note on coolant types. It’s not a good idea to mix coolants. If you’re not sure and you need to top off your system, just add water, preferably distilled, to the system. Water should mix with all coolants. If you try to mix coolants of two different types, there could be a chemical reaction that can cause issues. See your owner’s manual, service manual, or the writing on the cap of the reservoir to determine what type of coolant to use.