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07 Ford Ranger XLT 2.3l charging question…

Imtiaz Vohra
Imtiaz Vohra

I get around 13.8 – 14.4v when the car is running.
This morning, I started the truck and I didnt get the battery light, I have a lighter voltage meter it was showing around 13.8 – – 14.4v when the car was running. I took the truck to work, 4-5 miles, and it was fine all the way over there. When I got in to leave for home, about 7 hours later, I got the light and voltage was showing around 12.5 on the meter.
The guy I bought the truck for kept excellent service records, and
he confirmed that the Alternator was never changed. 2009 Ford Ranger with 223K miles. Maybe its time for a new Alt? I dont mind changing it, but only if its bad. 🙂

Anyone know if the Fusible links are near the alternator or the battery?
I see some wrapped wires going from battery to starter with “Fuse Link” label, but I figured that would be for the starter.