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09 Civic intermittent No Crank

Imtiaz Vohra
Imtiaz Vohra

I removed the starter and made sure there were no corrosion or lose connections.
I tested the voltage at the starter and got the same as at the battery.
Since now I can remove and replace the starter with my eyes closed, I re-installed it.
After re-installing it, I could NOT reproduce the “NO CRANK” problem all day on Sunday.
I tested it by starting and let the car run for 20 mins, started the car every 15 mins a few times, then waited 30 mins a few times, then an hour and then 2 hours.
It cranked all the time.
Monday rolls around, and I was so confident that the problem was resolved, I told my daughter to take the car to school.
She came home and then had to go back to school for something 20 mins later. IT DID NOT CRANK.

Now I am frustrated and ready to throw in the towel.
I decide to do a level set and start all over from scratch.
This time, I noticed the connector behind the master cylinder was not giving any voltage when trying to start the car.
I tested the battery, ignition, relay, and gear shifting again, all tested good.

I recall about a year ago, my kids were driving the car and told me the gear led on the dash was jumping around, from P to R to N…, while they were driving.
I had checked the Park/Neutral Safety switch and there was a little bit of water in it, so I cleaned it out and put some di-electric grease in it.

So i decided to check that out again.
It was very hard to pulling out the connector from the switch. (I don’t recall if the connector was clipped/clicked in or not)
The connection wasn’t wet or damaged, so I figure I would just put it back in.
I had a hard time clipping it back in, maybe there was too much grease in it?
I took some grease out and was able to get the connector to click in.
Monday night I took it for a few errands, and on Tuesday, I took it to work, then today, daughter took it to school, and so far no problems.
I wanted to to wait a few days before throwing a party, but, 2 days feel like an eternity right now, especially because I had 2 vehicles down at the same time.
Now both vehicles are back running and I don’t know what to do with all my free time.
Love how all the car demons come out when the cold weather starts here in CT.

Thanks to all that replied and offered advice.