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09 Civic intermittent No Crank

Imtiaz Vohra
Imtiaz Vohra

Thank you I will test those things mentioned.
Today I watched the video again and this is where I am at:

I am able to reproduce it by running the car for about 10-15mins,
The car starts fine within a few mins of turning it off.
After about 15-20 mins, I does NOT CRANK.
If I wait about 2-3 hours, then it Cranks and runs great.

I followed the video I referenced in my first post,, but stuck as to what to check next. Here is where I am:

When it DOES NOT Crank:
I am NOT getting a light when testing the connection behind master cylinder (@3:29).
I am getting a light on the yellow wire (@4:37 ) at the fuse panel box under driver side panel.
I removed the fuses in the Main Fuse and the Ignition Fuse in the panel box under the hood (@7:10) and tested them for continuity and they tested good, but still NO Crank.