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Reply To: OEM vs Aftermarket

EricTheCarGuy 1

First, a code 16 does not necessarily mean you need fuel injectors. In fact, Hondas rarely ever need fuel injectors. I would check the fuel pressure to make sure it’s correct before changing fuel injectors. I believe it is around 55psi at idle. It’s not uncommon to find that someone has replaced the fuel pump with an aftermarket unit that isn’t up to par causing that code. You could also do a power balance test to see if you have a cylinder that isn’t doing as much work as the others, which could sus out a bad injector if you did have one. In short, the last thing I would recommend replacing in your situation is fuel injectors. Eliminate all other possibilities first.

I only use Honda parts. Years of experience has brought me to this conclusion. However, if you can find the OE manufacturer, those parts are just as good. For example, Denso makes the starters and alternators for Hondas as well as O2 sensors. In those instances I use Denso parts instead of Honda to save some money. Showa makes the suspension parts, Tec and Hatachi make the ignition parts. I like to use Akebono brake pads when I can find them if I’m not using Honda. Never replace a Honda distributor with an aftermarket unit. Honda distributors can be rebuilt which is what I’d recommend over replacement.

You can buy OE parts once, or aftermarket parts several times. It’s up to you.

Good hunting and please keep us updated.