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Reply To: Anti-seize on lug nuts?

Wayne Carpenter
Wayne Carpenter

Actually, you will get more consistent clamping force using lubricant and because there is less friction, more of the torque goes into increasing the clamping force. The clamping force is what is important. With lubricant, it is well documented that significantly less torque is needed to obtain the same clamping force plus the clamping force is more consistent. A Tech with a degree in automotive technology and also an ASE Certified Master Tech in autos and heavy trucks with around 40 years of experience told me that they Also, at his shop, he put anti-seize grease on the threads and lugnuts and torqued the nuts to 20% less than dry and never had a problem with a loose wheel. Actually, according to information I have found, even a greater percentage less may be okay. There should be a torque standard for cars and light trucks that take into account lubrication of the studs and lugnuts.