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mon herry
mon herry

“I had the 2000 Expedition because of a previous water pump problem. My 2000 with 235,000 miles has a problem. When the rear suspension disintegrated, I put the sealer to the motor and let it run for another 15,000 miles before junking it.
The repair isn’t a big deal, but if you want to do it correctly, you’ll have to change a lot of other things “”while you’re at it”” and spend a lot of money. Installing a rebuilt engine is definitely preferable if labor is paid for. You should spend roughly $2000 on other new items while it is apart if you decide to do it yourself.Yes, you can easily disassemble it and replace the gasket for a low cost. For the gasket Details you can check VIN number in this site. But it takes a lot of effort. Hoses, exhaust manifold, and other components will all be damaged. You’ll then regret not taking more action while the engine was disassembled. Very difficult decisions for a truck that is 20 years old and no longer usable.