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Douglas Abraham
Douglas Abraham

I know this forum question is very old, but should anyone stumble upon it I wanted to give my two cents. I have a 1995 F150 with the five speed and have changed it’s clutch and throw-out bearing. From experience with this and with other Fords of the era, it has been my experience that the clutch is difficult to bleed due to the positions of the master cylinder and the hose to from the master cylinder to slave. What I found to be helpful is to use a vacuum pump. I found a tip to use on the hose from the vacuum pump that seated perfectly in the hold of master that leads to the hose. I put it in there and applied some vacuum (20psi). Slowly some bubbles came out and up the vacuum line like a fish tank bubbler. It was also a way to check to make sure there are no leaks in the line. I left this applied for like a half hour, and by the end, my clutch felt great.