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Reply To: Harmonic Balancer Wobble

Connor Wollman
Connor Wollman

I am having a similar problem on 98 accord 2.3l VTEC with 180,000 miles, and my car has been well maintained and runs perfectly except for a wobbling harmonic balancer. The harmonic balancer was replaced with an aftermarket balancer, which made no difference in the wobble. The pulleys don’t make any noise, but there is some wear appearing on the outside of drive-belts. My car is an automatic, so I don’t know how it is possible for my thrust bearings to be worn out, as that seems to be a problem exclusive to manuals. We have used a dial indicator on the outside of the lower main pulley on the balancer and there didn’t appear to be much runout, however when placing the dial indicator on the end of the balancer bolt and pulling and pushing by hand the crank in out of the block horizontally, the runout was about .040” which seems to be way out of spec. It should be noted that the wobbling only appears at idle, and once the rpm gets over 1500 rpm it seems to go away. Anything possible thoughts on what may be the problem or what other tests we should.