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1998 Honda CRV – Hessitates to start


I got some throttle body cleaner last night and cleaned the throttle body plate. I ended it taking it off the car along with the Idle Air Control Valve and both were pretty dirty. The screen on the IAC was about 1/2 carboned up so no air, or very little would pass. Cleaned it all up the best I could with the cleaner and a handful of rags. Started it and, it seems to start better but now is idling around 500 RPM or so. If I turn on the AC it seems to almost kill the motor at idle. I only ran it for a minute or two last night in the garage, will be driving it today.
How do I go about checking the IAC valve? I tinkered with a bit and was trying to figure out if its stuck or is sliding freely, I didn’t want to break anything so I was fairly gentle and got a new IAC ordered last night.