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2001 Mazda Millenia Cooling System question

college man
college man

Hi Matt,
The incline is to help the air raise to the highest point to burp or bleed out quicker. It sounds like you are getting there. on your
system I would not use the Funnel. Just the tank it self. The reason the coolant is coming up out of the funnel is due to air and expansion.
You could either turn off the car and let it settle back down or put a pan underneath. It can be a messy procedure. Check the coolant level
After the car has sat over night. There should be a min and max position. Adjust the coolant as necessary. The coolant will also start to expand
due to no pressure on the system. Pressure controls temperature. Try Eric’s procedure again according to the video. You could also try leaving
the cap off the expansion tank after you do the procedure for the night. as the car cools it will help with the air escaping if there is any left. Just
remember to put it back on the next day or before you drive it again. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.