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2001 Mazda Millenia Cooling System question

Matthew Montalto
Matthew Montalto

thanks for the advice…. I spent about 40 min with it over the weekend and ran it with the reservoir cap off and watched it cycle…. I kept is at 2500 rpms until she hit about 212 degrees and the fans came on and cooled it to 206 and they went off….. I watched it cycle like this a couple times….. (while this happened the fluid level in the reservoir went down… so it got sucked in… and I checked both hoses (upper and lower) were appropriately hot……so I feel the system is working properly….

I then cut the throttle back to idle… 600 rpm and up came some coolant and overflowed a little… a good couple of cups worth…. and the temps went up and the fans came on, but it seemed to hold at 222 degrees … not going any hotter…. and as soon as I gave it throttle, the temp would drop back down… and if I held it there (2500) it would go all the way back down to 206 and the fans would go off as expected….. — after this, I then released the throttle back to idle again and more coolant came up and the fans came back on and the temp rose back up to 222 and stayed there.

I let it sit idle at 222 for a good 5 min and did not see any overheating, so I am hoping that what I did finially solved the problem….. So I did like you said and left they cap off the reservoir overnight to let any more air escape and the next morning I came out and the level of coolant was a little low, so I added enough to fill it to the line marked “low”.

I drove the car and had no issue, but it was a very short drive so I cannot consider it a completed test as of yet, but I wanted to thank you and run my events and findings by you to see if maybe I am missing something. Thanks again… will report back to (hopefully) say when I have a fully successful test… thanks again.

Matt Montalto