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2004 Chrysler Van 3.8L Misfire P0306 “Need Some Direction”

Nightflyr *
Richard Kirshy

I started by rechecking all those by moving spark plugs ( No Change) Did you check for proper gap?
Moved wires ( No Change) Did you check wire resistance?
Checked Spark at coil and wire (Spark good at both ends) Did you check secondary ignition wave form with a scope?
Checked Signal from PCM with test light (Good Signal) Did you check it under load?
[color=red]Completed Compression check all cylinders was 160-170 psi
Completed Leak down on #6 with only 10% leak
Completed leak down on #2 and #4 also with same results[/color] Did you try a relative compression test?
Checked for vacuum leaks with propane (Nothing noted) Did you try smoke testing the system?
Checked manifold vacuum with gauge and was within normal ranges

It would appear you will need to do further in-depth diagnostics with a scope and test equipment.

I don’t think its Fuel Pressure issue as its only one cylinder misfire. is it a single or dual fed fuel rail?
If it’s a single fed loop and #6 is on the end of the loop.
Low fuel pressure may be starving the last injector.
Some food foe thought.