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2005 Subaru Forester xt


Re PS fluid, CM is correct – you’re sucking air. This is very common on EJ255s in the winter. The most common reason, and the easiest to fix, is the O-ring between the suction hose fitting and the pump. The part number is 34439FG000, it’s like $3 at the dealership. A 10mm wrench will remove the fitting from the pump. Pop it out, replace the O-ring, and you should be fine.
If that doesn’t do it, you could be looking at a cracked suction hose, but that usually causes fluid leakage, not air suction.

Re CC not working, do you still have a CEL? Subarus shut down CC when you have an active code. Pull codes.

Re slow starts, keep in mind that EJ255s are very sensitive to vacuum leaks and the shop may not have gotten them all. Step 1 is to pull your fuel trims. You can do this with pretty much any scanner with live data, but for your car I highly recommend the OBDLink MX Bluetooth dongle and the BtSsm android app.