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2007 chrysler 300 2.7L V6…

Joshuah Carr
Joshuah Carr

Thank you so much for your response…nice to meet you… so first I am new to the mechanic thing so I apologize in advance if some of my explanation and or responses are a little distorted or hard to understand… that being said this is the rundown of what has been done and what we no so far … so I bought the updated water pump and timing chain tensioner and cam sensor and 2 hours ago we replaced the the three Rose Colored or red gaskets that are next to the spark plugs we’ve distant connected the negative part of the battery twice second time we left it unhooked overnight no I’m ninety-five 97% sure that the timing chain alignment is accurate though many of the forms I’ve read and videos I’ve watched say that it still could slip not to get off track if that is the case wouldn’t it make more sense just to replace the timing belt rather than fighting it the car does start and turn over but it doesn’t want to stay idle unless you’re pushing in the gas best description would be kind of sounds like it has a carburetor and there’s not a good air to gas mix ratio hopefully that makes a little sense and yes the car ran fine before I drove it up the street to where we’re currently working on it at