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2008 Buick Lacrosse Rear Suspension Torque specs

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I oil my impact and blast them down while pretending I haven’t seen my torque wrench in months. Better yet; What’s a torque wrench?

OK OK. I pulled up specs in Identifix and it showed 55 lb ft. No torque angle specs either. But then I went into service info and found this:

1. Install the trailing arm (3) to the trailing arm bracket.
Notice: Refer to Fastener Notice.

2 . Install the bolt (7) and nut (4) to the trailing arm (3) and the trailing arm bracket.

Tighten the bolt and nut to 110 [n-m] (81 lb ft).

3. Install the trailing arm (3) to the knuckle (8).
4. Install the bolt (6) and nut (2) to the trailing arm (3) and the knuckle (8).

Tighten the nut to 240 [n-m] (177 lb ft).

5. Lower the vehicle.

I’d encourage you to run with 177 lb ft even though it does look like a steep spec if the bolt has an M14 or larger thread diameter. I find that Identifix will eff you over trusting specs they print in their specification menus. Pulling the specs straight off the service info like I posted above comes copied straight out of the factory manuals.

I only put an effort into finding you that trailing arm to knuckle spec. The rest is up to you. One way or the next, I’d ignore any spec you found with a torque angle spec.

Good luck.