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2011 CRV random no start issue

Robert J.
Robert J.

[quote=”rjsuva” post=203630]As the no start issue is random, it usually occurs while out at the store or in a parking lot, never at home or a place where I can jack it up and get to the battery lead on the starter for a voltage drop test. I have checked accessible connections, finding no bad connections or swollen / corroded wires. Before investing time and money in a new starter, I will replace the starter relay and see if that has any effect. It has been over three weeks now without a no start. The saga continues.[/quote]


As the random no start issue wore on, both methods of battery testing (load and electronic) failed to show a bad battery at either AutoZone or Advance Auto. I was finally directed to an independent auto repair shop. Jimmy, the owner, placed my car on a $5,000 Snap-On auto electrical diagnostic test machine. He put the machine thru its functions and the results showed a defective battery. The battery was rated for 400 CCA but the machine tested the battery at 130 CCA ( see attached print-out ) I took the print-out back to AutoZone and without hesitation they replaced the battery. As the battery was within the warranty period, their was at no out-of-pocket cost to me.
I have not had a repeat of the no start issue with the new battery. Thank you for those who offered up suggestions to resolve my no start.