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2011 Honda Insight – High Temp Indicator after engine swap


Unfortunately it is an idiot light. So no way of know the actual or even relative temp.

My OBD Auto Doctor software isn’t picking up the engine temp. Just shows -40C all the time. Other readings like engine RPM while running looks to be working ok. I should check on another Honda to see if it normally picks up the coolant temp on Hondas. If so then I know there is a problem with this car.

I started taking stuff off the engine to get to the coolant temp sensor. Unfortunately its under the throttle body and electrical wiring so its not easy to get to. I can then check that I plugged it in correctly. Looking at the service manual I downloaded I see I can test the sensor’s resistance to see if its working correctly. I’m not getting any error codes though (the manual listed P1116 as an error code for the coolant temp sensor).

Any idea if the High Temp Indicator would come on by default if something wasn’t working in the system?