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5.7L Jeep Grand Cherokee lifter failure 2011 –

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Jeremy Guy
Jeremy Guy

The Chrysler dealers wouldn’t put aftermarket parts in mine but they managed to find the lifters in two separate locations to make a full set. (I’m hoping all that’s true anyway). It took three weeks.
Having said that it was the genuine parts that failed in the first place.
The repair seems to be fine so far. I think changing over to standard lifters and deleting the MDS is the best idea if you can do it or get it done. It seems to be the MDS that is the issue. Without a definitive cause the oem fix a gamble. Maybe it’s a part failure, maybe cam vibrations or poor oil delivery due to some tiny imperfection elsewhere in the engine. Does anyone know for sure? They did replace a pulley wheel which had been broken. Had it been damaged when they replaced the water pump a few months ago and did it affect the cam shaft? Who knows?
I wrote to Chrysler. Their front desk robot said out of warranty out of luck. Wouldn’t say anything more than that. I was saying it was a recall issue due to pattern failure of a fundamental component and as such was still their responsibility. It seems without litigation they will do nothing. And yes the lack of parts and subsequent delay rubs salt into the wound plus the lack of an exact cause makes the repair seem more of a gamble than it should be after $7K bill!
They did the brake boost shield recall while mine was in and then didn’t fasten the wheel arches back up properly. Liners holed and side trim blew off on the highway, so waiting for those parts now. I hope it wasn’t the same mechanic that worked on the engine!
So I also had to pay for a pulley wheel, probably they damaged it during the repair and then coincidentally the throttle body needed replacing when they test drove it, another part to pay for which was working fine before.
Write to Chrysler, at least let them know you are yet another pissed off customer. Regardless of how old the car is, if it’s done less than 200k miles the engine should be fine. The fact that many are failing after a quarter of that is appalling and they should step in and fix it regardless of vehicle age.
The statute of limitations, according to NHTSA, for all no-charge recall repairs is 10 years from the original sale date of the vehicle.