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Dave lawson
Dave lawson

swapped #2 coil with #4 got, the car started and got the same code p0304. resistance checked the fuel injectors (all basically the same at 15 ohms. compression check results as follows cyl 1-4 in order 100,138,140 and 0. added a couple tablespoons of oil to #1 and 4 to the tops of the pistons and got these results #1 160 and #4 still showed 0….I added a couple more TS of oil to #4 and still, gauge showed zero compression. So obviously major surgery is needed. I triple checked #4 cyl because I do feel air coming out of the spark plug hole but nothing on the gauge and looking at the piston it is moving. so worn rings on #1 and #4 potentially has broken or bad valve??? Any constructive opinions would be appreciated. With the way the spark plugs looked (worn and oil soaked) and one cylinder with low compression and another with zero its amazing it ran at all. thanks in advance.