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Rudy R
Rudy R

A couple of months late here, but I picked up a Bluedriver from Amazon back in November. For most of the recent cars, it can read OBD-II, SRS and ABS codes. They work with the manufacturers on compatibility for the OEM-specific codes. (Check their site, where you can enter your make/model/year to see what compatibility they offer.) I’ve had one of those generic ELM327 for about five years, which works in a pinch and I need a quick OBD-II check.

I tried the Bluedriver on my 2004 Civic’s SRS error, but SRS support is not available for that generation of Civic (later ones are). For older cases like this Civic, the code can be read through triggering the ECU to flash the SRS malfunction indicator (small red seat belt/air bag logo) with the error code.

The Bluedriver is $99, readily available from Amazon and elsewhere, no additional fees or subscriptions required, and requires a phone app to use for both reading the codes, and updating the firmware on the Bluedriver unit. It’s not as complete as one of the full-blown scanners out there (especially those that can activate solenoids, for example), but it’s been a good mid-point between the two. No affiliation here, but hadn’t seen it mentioned in this thread and thought I’d toss it in.