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Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony

Reid thank you for your time,

The engine should have spark, the plugs / plug harness has Been replaced. Fluids have been replaced and filled with a new fuel pump.

To expand on the extended Crankshaft statement the distributor came with a 8 pin connector while the factory harness had a 4 pin. I made a few purchases on the rockauto site for similar parts with the appropriate connector and created a clean way rather than cutting into the harness. The remaining 4 pins were extended from the rear bottom right hand side sensor of the motor to the distributor. In an attempt to not butcher the stock wiring harness and its location.

Another gentleman who is familiar claimed it was a wiring issue with my computer and sensors.

The distributor being the only sensor / connecter I modified

I believe I may have overlooked something

Again grateful for your time Reid