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Reply To: Delayed engagement in reverse


The fluid is in pretty good condition, it got changed once just a drain and refill, the pan has never been dropped so no filter change.

I took my car to a local transmission shop to get it looked at and all he did is spent 1 minute with it. He checked the fluid on the dipstick, felt it on his fingers, smelled it and said the clutches are worn. I described how it was running, he didn’t even get in the car to see how it was running in reverse. Does this sound like a good enough diagnosis of the car?

If and when I put another transmission in the car, what’s recommended a salvage yard transmission or to have my transmission rebuilt which I imagine is more expensive? Is it something I can replace myself, never really did something on this level before. Have seen some videos, and seems like it’s not to bad, but I am also in an area where cars develop a good amount of rust, even though my car doesn’t have a tremendous amount of rust on it.