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Henry Hartmann
Henry Hartmann

@sonia: he did not give any info that will be useful. He is asking.
@spruce: I think you need some things to prepare for cleaning. These are what I usually prepare for each time. Not I have a Corolla Altis 2010.
Shop vacuum
A leaf blower or compressor
A few paintbrushes in different sizes
Metal wire brushes (also in different sizes)
A long water hose
Quality-brand degreaser
Soft microfiber towels

The steps are:
1 and most important: Let the engine cool down, seal all the reservoirs, disconnect the battery (disconnecting the negative side first and then unclipping the positive next)
2, you should cover the electrical parts of your engine with plastic to protect against contact with water. Cover the spark plugs, the coil packs, the distributor cap, all the filters, and the alternator.
3, Clean ( note: to use metal brush cause a portion of your engine is made of aluminum)
4, have a wipe down (using the towels)