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Joe K

thanks, i just wanted to know so i can understand the situation better. To be clear when i said oil catch pan i meant the oil pan i used to catch the drained oil not the oil pan on the car.

In the drained pan with the oil settled the bottom had a thick layer that was dark and hard to move when i titled the pan. When i googled oil condensation what i found was white/yellowish sludge that form mostly at engine oil cap.

Would having sludge means top of engine might have it too as oil circulate?

And last question if i may, when i check the oil level today it was below minimum by maybe thickness of two quarters(when i measure the drained oil it was about 1 quart short) but my oil light never came on despite having low oil does this mean possible engine wear? If i had to guess engine oil got low in the 2nd year(maybe 4-500miles) as filter failed and normal engine burning oil also taken into account.

Thanks again i just wanted to learn more about the situation