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Reply To: Mercedes W211 Long-term Storage

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Richard Kirshy

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1 Get the car washed and waxed while at it get the under carriage and under the hood washed, also clean the interior.
2 Change out all the fluids and filters. May want to spray some oil down each cylinder if possible.
3 Plan on replacing the tires, belts and possibly hoses when you do put the car back on the road.
4 Coat all the seals, rubber gaskets and hoses with food grade silicone
5 There are 2 schools of thought on the following:
A – Fill the fuel up to prevent moisture, but plan on completely draing the entire systen prior to restarting some time down the road.
B – Completely drain the fuel system.
This will also depend on if the space is temperture controlled.
6 If your putting the vehicle up on jack stands, do so where the suspension is under the weight load of the vehicle. Don’t let the suspension sit at full droop.
7 If equipped, squeeze back the calipers so the brake pads aren’t contacting the rotors. This will save a ton of grief if you wind up with a siezed caliper in the future.
8 Not sure about the electronics in the vehicle so you may want to hook up a battery tender to keep the battery alive during storage.
Be aware that you’ll most likely need to replace the battery in the future.
9 Grease as many joint as you can, door hinges, ball joints, universals, locks, hood release
10 May want to consider a car cover