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Reply To: P0744 TCC solenoid intermittent

David Fields
David Fields

update : some good news, after thinking about it some more. I highly suspected that I had a sticking solenoid(s) or valve(s) on the valve body so I decide to give SeaFoam Trans Tune a try. I am going to do a 3rd ATF drain and fill to complete the flush so I thought to put this Seafoam trans tune in to help clean things out. I verified it was ok to put in Seafoam TT in a while it still had Lucus in the fluid. after adding the Seafoam TT, it was immediately a lot better. just have to drive about 1000 miles with the Seafoam TT in the ATF fluid. before doing another Drain and Fill.
Also monitor if the P0744 CEL comes back as well. Here is a little vid i put together on it.

Second ATF Drain and Fill, this was apx 3k-4k miles after the initial Drain and Fill

Adding Seafoam TransTune, with some driving results right after adding Seafoam Trans Tune. showing the shifting.