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Reply To: Plasti-gauging sticky crank

Nightflyr *
Richard Kirshy

should I install the all bearing caps, torqued in sequence to make sure the crank is properly seated prior to gauging each journal?…> Yes

Secondly, can I remove each bearing cap, install plasti-gauge, torque in 3-steps and move to the next journal until all gauging material is installed on all journals and then remove and measure all readings at one time. In that I must measure the crank at 4 points of the clock, I’d the think all bearings must be fully torqued in position to obtain an accurate measurement across the board. Thanks for your time.

My suggestion would be to:> after seating the crankshaft with the bearing caps, remove all the bearing caps as suggested in the repair manual, install the plasti-gauging on all journals, re assemble all bearing caps according to the manual and torque to spec. then remove all the caps again according to the manual, then check the measurements.

Yes you will do this 4 times.
Yes it will take some time.
But unless your willing to drop some $$$ for a machine shop to check this with the proper tooling, I don’t see another way.