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Reply To: Binding Crankshaft

Steve Hemingway
Steve Hemingway

It looks like I’ll be biting the bullet and going to the machine shop for answers, but before leaving you alone, I’d like to ask these general questions:
If a crankshaft has been been machined to the proper tolerance, and the appropriate bearings have have been obtained for an engine that ran and had no considerable wear patterns on the old bearings and original factory shims properly replaced, wouldn’t the new bearings be suspect, some thing is not round? These are the first bearing I’ve encountered without alignment tangs on one edge, but there is an alignment dowel that is placed between the oil galley holes in the upper bearings. It allows little movement for equal crush ob opposite sides. I have lined up the oil grooves that seem to fit universally on the #1 and #2 bearings but wonder if there is a specific placement for the direction of these halves. Taking the bearings 3 and 4 into consideration that can’t be improperly installed, I’ve used the markings on the back of each bearing to assume their positions.
If you’ll give me your feedback on this, I’ll leave you alone and thank you for your valuable time and consideration in this frustrating ordeal.
I greatly appreciate your time.