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Tony Groff
Tony Groff

Hello, I’ve been a follower for years, but never posted in the forums, ETCG videos have helped me several times over the years. After searching but not finding, I created a forum account here to ask this same question – about searching the forum posts specifically. I was hoping to find an ETGC video, or lively forum discussion, on what to do with a car that’s not worth repairing?

In short, I have a Dodge with a bad Jatco CVT that costs more to repair than it’s worth. I came to search the forums for suggestions on what others have done – donate to charity, send it to the crusher, sell “as-is” to a private party for a few hundred dollars? I think I’d like to go the charity route, but there are so many results I don’t know who to trust. Thank you for your time!