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Reply To: Shaking During Clutch Engagment

Tim Bowman
Tim Bowman

Thanks for the reply. I’ll take a look at them. Maybe I forgot to mention this but I also started getting a little squeal noise when I let the clutch out 50% of the time

And just to be clear. It’s less of a vibration and more a shake. It shakes the whole front end badly when you get in the right rpm range and I notice it does it the worst when the car is warmed up.

I’ve been wondering is maybe the aftermarket master cylinder is faulty or if the whole hour of bleeding the system didn’t get all the air out causing slight slippage. I’ve never smelled any burning clutch though.

From what I’ve read on the internet it is most like a shotty mechanic job and the clutch needs to be redone. I took it to a reputable place which was more expensive. They would not do anything and I do not have the money to do it again. I spent all my saved money to get it fixed.