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For sure man, no disrespect. You helped me many times. Regarding ads, the way they are configured is less standard than using an ad network, which i can see you use as well. Self hosted ads works, i saw em which doesn’t normally happen 🙂 Made me notice enough to make a comment, while i mainly wanted to ask your web developer about what was up with search. Did you ever think of using patreon or something like that? maybe you do…

Regarding search, i think your CMS is wordpress yes? I would think that there are endless plugins to search that. But yeah some are pay no doubt, and need to test to find the right one. Not a web developer so couldn’t recommend a good one without doing the research, i just run the infrastructure. Would probably start with the most popular and work from there.

I am going to resub to premium now as a thanks, because i let it lapse. The work you do is awesome, you are so popular now, more than ever before. Always impressed when you come up in conversation with random shadetree “mechanics” like me :).