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Reply To: Transmission fluid question

Jeffrey Voight
Jeffrey Voight

It’s a bad thing to heed to the rumor to not service your tranny if it’s been too long. They should always be changed per schedule. This can be found in your owners manual. I believe Honda in that year is either every 30,000 miles or 60,000 miles if it’s overdue it needs changed. Some Honda’s specifically state in the manual to never flush the tranny. It could harm the tranny. If there is no transmission screen or filter accessible when dropping the pan you have the kind that shouldn’t be flushed. In this case a drain and fill is recommended. Many people will drain and fill, then after 50 miles repeat the drain and fill up to 2 more times. On all Honda’s it is very important to use only Honda transmission fluid. Be sure to use the proper Honda fluid. The dealership I get mine from is no more expensive than other fluids.