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Reply To: Car randomly stalling


Thanks for the reply Dave, 🙂

The code I got (and I believe it was the same code I got a few months back too) was P0335. I was reading a little and apparently it was common for the crank/cam sensors to fail in the Pulsar, but as you said, codes give you direction, not answers.

Regarding the block test, how would you do that? Is it just a matter of getting one those those ‘reaction’ testers where you push it into the radiator fill hole and it reacts to gases ?
I originally thought it might be head gasket a few months back, but I just inspected the coolant (no bubbling or discoloration), and inspected the oil (did oil change), no milky substance.

Regarding leaking radiator, good tip, thanks :), didn’t think about the smaller passages, I’ll have to keep that in mind. If the leak is coming from the seal between the radiator top-tank and the radiator core, is it possible to bend back the clamping pins holding the tank on, change the seal, then re-attach the top-tank ?

Thanks again 🙂