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Lucas Desjardins

Hi, Check the fuses in the under hood fuse box not sure why it would blow the fuses but check the fuses. Next check the passenger side fuse panel tucked up under the glove box you will have to do some digging as to what fuse it is for the radio I forget. Next have you’re battery & alternator load tested to be sure something is not shorted out in the battery or alternator. When I got my car the first day I had it the horn, radio, and throttle stopped working. opened the fuse box up to find multiple broken wires in the fuse box why it happened all of a sudden I’m unsure. if all the fuses check ok get a test light and check each socket for power. if you have no power going into one socket assume its a wiring issue and take the fuse box apart carefully, the fuse box does not come completely apart and is kind of a pain in the rear to fix wires in but it can be done. Let me know if this helps!