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Reply To: Honda Jazz P0172 code

Nick Raptis
Nick Raptis

Hello Dave, thanks for taking the time to help.
Coolant temperature seems to work ok when i connect the obd2 computer.
I haven’t check the injectors to be honest.
I mean i haven’t pull them off, cause i checked the typical thing with the screwdriver to hear them work and all seems to work the same. Also i have unplug the cable to measure resistance and all 4 are the same 12ohm .
What i found and surprised me and im not sure if it’s normal, when i was spraying throttle cleaner around the connections etc. To find any vacuum leaks, i found that when i spray inside the EGR valve it sucks it all in and the engine stalls, and also the short term trim from -15% it goes instantly -25%.
When i say that i spray inside the EGR i mean the holes that have externally the EGR, not from the gasket.
Do you think that this is normal?
Is it normal for EGR valve to use air from outside?

Thank you very much.