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Reply To: Vibration When Turning Right

Delwyn Ching
Delwyn Ching

I’m having this issue when turning right and accelerating on a slow speed, e.g. about 10-25 mph on our 2005 Toyota Avalon XL. I checked both CV axles and the passenger’s side was loose (slop). I replaced that but while pulling out the old (stock OEM), the shafted pulled at the cv joint grease was liquid and poured out. Replaced with an Autozone Duralast CV axle and everything went back smoothly. It still vibrates on right turns. Checked engine mounts with the gas, transmission in D and holding the breaks but it doesn’t move. while under there to repalce the CV shaft, checked ball joints and all were good (no broken grease seals, no slop). Checked wheel bearings on both sides and no noise, no play at 6-12 o’clock, 3-9 o’clock or any direction. Any I missed or tips? Thanks very much.

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