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Reply To: Bad wheel bearing

Suzanne Conkin
Suzanne Conkin

ok thanks for responding I dunno what to do I don’t think I need one on the other side as the rubbing under my feet when driving is no where near as bad as it was but its like a flutter and when I go faster it does to, just not sure, I hate to pay for the other side right now when I may not need it, my funds only allow me to do so much.. I just can’t see it wearing out in 4 years with only 9 thousand miles on it (just cause I read where they usually last 100,000 miles maybe that is wrong.. I had forgotten about it till i ran across a photo of a bill in 2016 same wheel… I sure wished I knew I really like to drive it since my dog goes with me everywhere lol that is what i drive for her to go because all the hair.. save my car.. thank you