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Stephan Asturi
Stephan Asturi

Thank you Eric for taking the time to read my response! Of course I 100% agree with you on Honda’s of the 80s and 90s being built far better than anything they’ve produced after the early 2000s. Profit over quality unfortunately is a growing trend in the automotive industry, luckily Toyota seems to be the only one that prides themselves on building reliable cars even if they’re last on the latest technology.

Perfect example, my dad drove a 92 Accord with a 5 speed for 8 years before trading it in for the 2000 TL and that car was beyond bullet proof. I don’t remember him telling me about it having any repairs outside of maintenance other than tie rod ends and a bent rim from hitting a curb too hard. Fast forward to today and he’s been driving a 2012 TL for the last 8 years and in the same amount of years driven with LESS KM than the Accord he had in the 90s he’s had the following replaced on that car:

-Front Passenger Window Motor / Regulator
-All 4 Brake Calipers
-Blower Motor
-Both mirrors from the heating element frying
-Upper Control Arms
-2 Alternators (the aftermarket one died shortly after and stopped charging)
-The Freaking Drivers Seat Belt Buckle… Never heard of those wearing out so soon

Even my mom’s 2017’s RDX needed it’s transmission replaced because the dealership couldn’t figure out the electrical issues that would put the car in limp mode because it was tied into the blind spot and active cruise control system.

Honda’s today aren’t engineered and built the same as they were way back then and unfortunately the 2nd Gen TL was the first model that displayed the direction that Honda/Acura were going with their vehicles from then on out. Even my dad was surprised how many repairs his TL had to go through because he’s not used to it, even my 2000 TL has more original parts on it than the 2012.

Now I’ll admit I have been REALLY Lucky with my ownership experience on my TL considering it hasn’t gone through a crazy amount of transmissions. They’re great cars if you take care of them but if you don’t work on your own cars then DO NOT own a 2nd Gen TL, because you’ll see the shop more often than not. But they are easy enough to work on your own since there’s hardly any electronic systems on it.

However if my TL were to get totaled somehow, I’d probably wouldn’t buy another one since there are better cars out there, this one just happened to fell on my lap when the time came for me to drive. I’d probably replace it with a 2007-2008 TL like the one you just got since the Transmissions have been re-worked to be somewhat reliable and they’re better than the 2nd Gen in literally every way possible.