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Dustin Wendorf
Dustin Wendorf

Thanks for the info Richard ūüĎ欆 i do know little about timing … yes i do know that my V6 3.5L has the Interference¬† style of timing belt setup…¬† a little prognosis¬† … my 2006 Acura MDX 3.5L¬† had died while driving dont know why.

So pushed off to side of road and collected¬† a friend to tow it home … ps

Ps i purchased  this CUV with a bad misfire ,which i had cleared  mostly  up buy general maintenance  ie spark coil and oil but inwanted tontry to regain some more performance  and fuel economy  so intryed to clean with intake spray .. while engine  off . So I ended up cleaning  well enough but did research  and found out Acura\Honda 3

5’s bad PCV issue turns out i cleaned too well and caused¬† my valve to stay open¬† amd for oil to be sucked in to the cylinder and burn causing it to smoke .. but i digress¬†

am a one man I be it idiot… but i had sparyed intake cleaner¬† in the top EGR passageway¬† on my engine as a solvent¬† to try to fix a bad misfire. .. now i did dry towl all of the intake/carb cleaner up…¬† and waited¬† another two weeks and installed a fresh starter on to engine .. at which time it did start but would not idle , and i had to get my vehicle¬† moved¬† from the center of my drive way. The only way to achieve¬† this was to stand on the throttle¬† and trow it in to gear¬† and move¬† it ..

 Now a weeks time and i go to start to show a friend  what it is acting and all it does is backfire compression (enough to kick the intake snorkel\tube off throttle body)..