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Reply To: What is this wiring loom?

James Hosey
James Hosey

I believe it’s the wiring loom for the fuel injection. It bolts on top of the rear valve cover on the Pilot. I’d upload a pic, but don’t see a way to do it. There’s 2 looms. One had a broken wire, and a couple frayed. I was able to solder the broken wire back together, and the frayed ones I put electrical tape around to keep from touching. I was getting a P2143 egr valve code which was setting off the VTM-4 light. It looks like this may have taken care of my issue. I had replaced the EGR valve, along with cleaning the plenum, and the EGR port of all carbon deposits. The check engine light still came on after the cleaning, and the new valve, but since I soldered the wire it hasn’t reappeared. Just wondering if anyone here knew what that loom was before I started to fix it this afternoon.