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Reply To: No crank/start issue

Trevor Hesseltine
Trevor Hesseltine

Sorry for the hiatus had some family issues to deal with in the meantime i discovered the motor had been hot seized this whole time i had not checked the condition of the piston rings before i bored out the injectors they were obviously in poor condition as they allowed the fuel to be pushed behind the pistons displacing the oil effectively seizing the motor i apologise for any unnecessary head scratching this is a rookie mistake and i should have known better yet i have another question i dont want the supercharger to go to waste i have a 2007 mistubishi eclipse gt i been trying to restore it belonged to a deceased friend of mine its been forgotten in his barn he was trying to make it race ready and i want to finish it for him i want to use the supercharger from my pontiac grand prix they are both the same size six cylinders but i am well aware superchargers are not universal and i cant find anything on the internet to suggest either way even through part numbers