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Reply To: 2019 Civic Oil Change Question

Nightflyr *
Richard Kirshy

even if I did it myself the warranty will remain intact.

This is true ONLY providing you follow the MFG listed recommendation.
Warranties have be voided in many cases because service wasn’t done exactly as outline ( dealerships & car MFGs are EXTREMELY nit picky on this.)
I completely understand your concerns ….
But lets just say, you changed the oil at 5,600 miles and the maintenance minder is reading at 60%, and for some reason something goes wrong internally with the engine.
The dealership or MFG can (and most likely will ) come back and say ” Well you didn’t follow recommended/proper break in procedure concerning the oil, therefore your warranty is void and any engine repair cost fall on you.
This situation about not following MFG recommendations is more common than you would think,
I’ve seen where a owner had voided his warranty on his engine just because he changed the air intake tube.
Another where a woman had here Honda service only through the dealership, it went in for a timing belt service and right after she got it back it was running poorly.
Went back to the dealership and had it checked out and as told she needed a new engine and that the warranty wouldn’t cover it because she was at the exact mileage of the warranty, even though it was serviced all its life from the dealership.
So I can only suggest you proceed carefully in order to maintain your vehicle warranty.
Of course after the warranty runs out, your free to service the car as you see fit.