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Lucas DesjardinsLucas

    I know a few tricks with those 4.6 5.4 & 6.2l engines… one would be to take out the inner fender on the drivers side and have one person up top and down below to get it in there… I know easier said then done. When I do exhaust manifolds & cats on those SUV’s / trucks I actually pull out both engine mount bolts (the very long ones that go through the block and then into the mount) get a transmission jack, and a piece of wood rest the wood upwards and jack the motor up as far as I can go without straining any wires etc. By doing this when it comes to cats you will push the engine upwards and allow for the cat to be slipped in. In you’re case you would only have to take the one mount bolt out and use a floor jack and a piece of wood and jack the motor up. Now with one engine bolt out the engine is not only going to want to go up but tilt right which is totally ok as long as you’re paying attention to what you are doing. Hope this helps good luck! I’ve had my fare shares of fighting with those engines weather it would be replacing cats or manifolds…