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97 Honda Accord 2.2L Head Gasket Replacement


It was a fairly trusted mechanics shop in town, and I went there on the advice of family members. I had gotten a diagnostics test to determine why I was overheating and they discovered head gasket being busted after I explained there was white smoke when I start it up. At first I believe they told me if it was my head gaskets then there would be white smoke all the time? I basically had white smoke during the time that I had pulled the thermostat out on the advice of a mechanic neighbor, only on starting the car. He was convinced that if I yanked the thermostat I would not have Overheating issues, and once I got the thermostat back in there I did not have any white smoke on start or during driving. During this entire overheating phase, towards the tail end of it since I don’t drive it anymore, I have been having starting issues, also. Three days of it taking 20 minutes to start up! Anyway, the shop told me that I needed a new engine maybe twice, after I asked if I could do anything with the car. They told me I could drive it until it breaks. They did not describe any precise or particular damage done. They said coolant is all throughout the engine and once that happens that I am out of luck.