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Will Parker
Will Parker

Ok gotta correct a couple things maybe I didn’t write it properly but I had some misfiring and after the shop did some checking determined that 1 injector was leaking or fails to close did a leak down test, they also checked each of them as they opened and closed and some other stuff so I replaced them all. I DID get rich codes at the time of the misfire if I didn’t say that or forgot I apologize. Now the injectors themselves are denso injectors flow matched all that but really the only thing about it being aftermarket is the screen. Instead of 4 larger holes it has 12 much smaller laser cut holes. And yes I have been inclined to think I should’ve gone with OEM ac Delco injectors from the get, but the rich was there before and after the injectors. The MAF is unfortunately aftermarket, at the time I bought it I was focused on cost, its unbranded and as far as I can tell its putting out proper readings. However in the interest of being thorough the truck goes in tomorrow its on the list to check.
Now though, throughout this entire ordeal, beyond the original misfire, and about 6 years ago the code for the purge valve which I replaced and then 6 months ago the code for the vent valve which also replaced, I’ve never had any accompa Ying codes WITH the rich codes. Leaving it as kind of a crap shoot. Ive been pretty meticulous taking care of this suburban so this has been driving me nuts. This large leak evap code is the first to pop WITH the p0172 and p0175 codes. I AM at the point that once we figure out the evap thing and get that fixed, IF that doesn’t fix the rich condition (and nothing is found wrong with the MAF) then ill go ahead and just put stock OEM injectors back in and set the fuel trims to do a relearn (I do have a launch bidirectional scan tool thats helped a lot).