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Reply To: 2007 Cobalt ss

Lucas Desjardins

did you have fuel lines replaced in the car recently? if not I’m willing to bet its the EVAP charcoal canister vent tube backed up from the charcoal canister falling apart and venting pieces of its self out the line. the line you want to check is just behind the passangers side wheel well on the side of the canister. the canister will not shoot a code for this issue. What’s happened is when you are forcing fuel into it (past when when the actual fuel nozzle clicks off saying you’re gas tank is full) if you keep filling to round it up that gas you just pumped into it is actually going straight into the vent canister and eating the inside. So when the canister see’s it needs to vent it pushes all the crap inside the canister into the vent tube that goes from the bottom of the canister into the fuel filler neck. The charcoal canisters main purpose is to catch all the fuel particles from the pumped gas capture them into the charcoal canister and from there it vents into the atmosphere slowly as appose to rapidly.

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