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Reply To: a Rhythmic Scraping Noise

Ken Forrester
Ken Forrester

well. I found the culprit. the rotor is rubbing up against the backing plate. I pulled the rotor off the rear passenger side and after a little inspecting I noticed a spot probably about 1-3″ long that is rubbed down to raw metal on the parking brake back plate that all that mounts to.

I emailed Centric about this and they pretty much blamed it on my car and sent me some PDF explaining all the what/why about it so clearly they know their rotors do this and won’t back up their product. pretty much told me rip that whole side apart and replace everything or grind down the trouble spot. funny how I didn’t have any issues until I installed their rotors on my car.

so guess I gotta go out and get a angle grinder and some grinding wheels.. I guess my question is now would I be better off grinding it down or cutting that spot out of the plate that’s catching the rotor. I did my best to bend it away from the rotor but that still aint got rid of the noise. a new plate runs about $160+shipping and probably a new hub if I gotta smash the crap outta the existing one to get it out.

I thought about taking everything apart but I would literally have to disassemble everything, pull the hub..just to get the plate off and there’s no telling if It’ll even take care of the problem which they blamed on “rust jacking” but if that was the case I would’ve heard it before.