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Nathaniel Preston
Nathaniel Preston

Hi Will, thanks for the Reply.. I am using line wrenches, however the wrench I used initally was pretty cheap.. I have since upgraded to what I am hoping is a higher quality line wrench.. I tried the new wrench the other evening but it feels like it is still slipping.. I think the first line wrench did the damage.. It may have to come out with vise grips and if thats the case, I’ll probably have to replace this short section of brake line.. I saw a video ETCG did where he turned the cylinder off the fitting rather than trying to turn the fitting.. But that looks like it requires removing the shoes. He also had another video where he expaneded the shoes out to get the cylinder out thereby leaving the shoes and springs intact.. this is what I was hoping to do.. As for this short line.. it looks like it has a bit of a sheath on part of it.. but not the whole length.. do you know what that is? is this something unique to this section of brake line that I need to know about??